Compliance & Regulators

The Nigerian Export Processing Zone Authority (NEPZA) and Nigerian Customs monitor the movement of goods and act as regulatory bodies within the NAHCo Free Zone (NFZ).

NEPZA is empowered to license, monitor and regulate free zones in Nigeria by the Nigeria Export Processing Zones’ Act 63, of 1992.

NAHCo Free Zone (NFZ) was established in compliance with the NEPZA regulations published in the ‘Procedures, Regulations and Operational Guidelines for Free Zones in Nigeria’ (2004).

In addition, NAHCo Free Zone (NFZ) complies with the standards set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), for which the parent company earned the prestigious excellent performance certification as a handling company in 2012.

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The Nahco Free Zone (NFZ) Federal Republic of Nigeria official gazette guiding the operations and activities within the zone has been approved. Click here to read the Gazette for more information.