Deputy Head of Mission, Kingdom of the Netherlands & Team Visit the Nahco Free Zone

Posted in News on 24 October 2016

It was a pleasure to have the Mr. Michel Daleen, alongside his colleagues Ms. Tessel Kuijten and Ms. Sonia Odije visit the Nahco Free Zone during the week of October 17, 2016.

The NFZ team had met with the team a couple of months back at the office of the Kingdom of Netherlands Embassy.

The teams from the Kingdom of the Netherlands Embassy and NFZ had very fruitful discussions about the opportunities and benefits of Foreign Direct Investors siting their businesses at the Nahco Free Zone.

One of the concerns raised by the Deputy Head of Mission was the current economic challenges being faced by Foreign Direct Investors in Nigeria today due to scarcity & the fluctuating value of the Dollar ($) against the Naira as well as the other challenges faced with the repatriation of their dollars to their home country.

But looking on the optimistic side, it was agreed that once all of these were resolved, there were huge opportunities to site or operate from within the Nahco Free Zone.

The future is bright and promising we all reckoned.

Mr. Mitchel Deleen flanked by his team and NFZ team members

Mr. Mitchel Deleen is flanked by both his team members
and the NFZ team above.