Nahco Free Trade Zone on Visibility Drive

Posted in News on 30 November 2019

What an exciting time it has been for Nahco Free Trade Zone.

Management and Staff  went on a brand visibility drive.

Most importantly, to create awareness for the Nahco Free Trade Zone in its immediate environs.

In addition, the idea had been to drive traffic to the company’s multiple social media platforms – Twitter and Face book.

And as result, enhance awareness for NFZ’s service offerings and mechanics of operating within the zone.

For example, some of NFZ’s services include but are not limited to Warehouse leasing, Cargo Processing, Bulk Breaking, Transhipment.

In addition, others include Hub Operations (Regional & Continental) Value Added Services (e.g. CERPAC processing, Resident permits, etc.)

Multiple  colored branded tee shirts were worn by each staff member while acting as a “walking billboards” for the NFZ.

Consequently, the company logo & details were showcased in hues of blue, black & white colours.

For instance, these were reflected on the tee shirts proudly worn by the brand ambassadors as interactions were going on.

Most importantly, Management and Staff wore the branded tee shirts and NFZ brand got good exposure.

In conclusion, the pictures below show different tee shirts adorned by NFZ brand ambassadors to drive visibility for the brand.